End of Hiatus

Hello Everyone! I took a “brief” hiatus from blogging to live in the moment, complete my final semester of my undergraduate career and to welcome in some exchange students from France, Mainland China and Hong Kong. Needless to say, I have a lot of experiences that I would love to share with you all and […]

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Cool Currency

I picked up different types of currency during my study abroad experience. With the help of Travelex, I was able to easily obtain and exchange currencies without any confusion or fuss. Although it took me a while to understand that the conversion factor was completely different from the US (100USD is definitely not the same […]

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Hot Pot and a Movie

One of the outings that I had with a few friends was going for dinner and a movie, but it wasn’t the typical movie night that I had experienced with my friends back home. We headed to an area called Whampoa, which was not too far from our dorm, that had various shopping areas, restaurants […]

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Octopus and MTR

Without these two things living in Hong Kong would’ve been much more difficult. The Octopus card and the MTR rail system were two of the best aspects of living in Hong Kong. Texas is a pretty spread out state, so the rail and bus systems are not as efficient as they would be in major […]

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Peculiar Signs

During my travels, I’ve seen a few signs, advertisements and artwork that were worth a second glance. The following photos were taken in subways and on the street in Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo and Kyoto. Enjoy!

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School Project

Every single student at HK PolyU is required to participate in a group project for every class they are enrolled in. Needless to say, we, the students, were not thrilled. There was one class that really wanted us to get out of the classroom and explore Hong Kong and develop a plan to increase tourism […]

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